Managing Dynamic Projects


Solid Growing Company

As maintaining and growing our organization, we keep continued focus on some of the solid practices that helped us get to where we are today.

Building Strong Vendor and Customer Relationships – This one is critical to the long-term viability of a company. Developing a trust and loyalty with customers is an absolute must. It is the same with the vendors we deal with. We are their customer so keeping that relationship strong – if we’ve found good vendors then we will reap long-term rewards from the solid relationship we will have built and maintained with these suppliers – just as if we and our long-term customers will reap benefits from each other and benefits from each other.


Never Loosing Focus on Quality – This is probably an obvious one, but when the economy looks the way our current economy does, it’s easy to think about cutting corners. That’s fine to do internally as we reduce some operating expenses, freeze wages, freeze hiring, or possibly even letting someone go, but we are not reducing the quality that we provide to our customer. As a customer myself, when I start to see quality decrease, I go elsewhere. It’s hard to gain a customer, but it’s very easy to lose one quickly if we don’t continue to provide what they expect and are accustomed to.

Keeping an Eye on Operating Costs During Growth – Just as we continually work to maintain the quality that got us to where we are in our marketplace and customer standing, we must also remember to try to maintain our production cost perspective. When there is a venture capital injection, or a growth spurt, it’s easy to start to think too big and spend accordingly. The prudent business owner maintains the focus on efficient, solid production practices and therefore maintains his/her grip on operating expenses and likewise on lower-cost production.