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Offline / Online Event Development, Management and Marketing. Integrating E.Commerce, Analitycs & Social Media Networks.

Personalized Event Websites

We can set up a website for your event in minutes to house all relevant information (both external and internal), accessible from any Internet connection in the world.

  • Personalized url for easy access
  • Essential information (time, date, location, event name, description, program information)
  • Personalized design and image options
  • RSS feeds for latest updates on your event

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Comprehensive Registration and Ticketing

An easy-to-use registration system is essential, but it also needs the flexibility for you to handle the many ticketing scenarios that a complex event requires.

  • Create unlimited registration types and organize them according to your needs
  • Set limits on ticket sales
  • Customize voucher's and discounts
  • Integrate seamlessly with sales processing software such as Sugar, Paypal, among others.
  • Operate in multiple currencies
  • Work with any combination of credit cards, checks, cash and purchase orders

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Powerful Marketing and Communications

Save large amounts of money and time by taking advantage of our mass email tools: whether promoting, informing, confirming or surveying your contacts, our sophisticated electronic communications will streamline and strengthen your outreach.

  • Send attractive, customized invitation, confirmation, and survey emails to an unlimited number of contacts
  • Create multiple recipient lists from your contact database
  • Produce attractive, professional emails with a full suite of design tools
  • Track open, click-through, and purchase rates from your email marketing

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Flexible Programming Capabilities

You need the capacity to create and publish a robust event program that can include all types of data, be modified easily, and is automated when appropriate.

  • Upload detailed information about your program, including times, speakers, descriptions, entertainment and meals
  • Offer online registrants concurrent session choices
  • Set automated limits on room or participant capacity
  • Entertainment and merchandising sales

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On-site support

Nothing makes a bigger difference than having all your information at your fingertips the day of the event. Whether printing, ticketing or monitoring program attendance, simply log on and manage your event in real-time.

  • Quickly pull up differentiated data for attendee rosters, registration types and ticketed events
  • Monitor registrants and attendees in real-time
  • Print name tags, confirmation letters, mailing labels, tickets with multiple formatting options.

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Reports and Statistics

During and after planning your event, it’s important to track your progress on multiple levels—our array of reports, statistics, charts and other data-management tools enable you to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and build your event planning capacity.

  • Create detailed financial reports, billing information, refunds, and payment type—in seconds
  • Pull up quick counts and attractive visual charts for registrants and revenue by day, week or month
  • Send in-depth electronic surveys and questionnaires to participants

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