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Digitalising IOT self generated content, making it accessible on a User Interface for your needs, including Events, Safety and Marketing purposes.

Specialised in Location Based Services (LBS) Applications for Outdoor Recreational, Competitive Activities, Tourism and People's Safety. I also have experience in the “CASHLESS” RFID, NFC Technologies applied to Cultural Events, Musical Festivals and Public Transportation.


Sharing innovative global strategies empowering local entrepreneurs is what I've been focused on in the past decade trying to apply innovative ideas to Hospitality suppliers, Destination management organisers, Outdoor Sport, Events & Recreational activities suppliers.


Being active with Sports and Innovative technologies keeps a smile on my face in almost all circumstances.




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IOT Consultant

I support entrepreneurs gathering they’re ideas, putting them together and managing their projects.

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Forensics Investigations

I extract and analyse digital content from Mobile Phone, Hard Drives, Computers, Cloud, Social Media and Cars.

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Hospitality & Outdoor

I Create, Plan and Organize the successful unroll of your Hospitality, Outdoor Activities & Team Building Projects.

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Long Term Experience

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Location Based Services

Live Tracking for Tourism, Events & Safety Management, Sports and Healthcare.

NFC - RFID Closed Loop Micro Payments

Cash Less platform, Augmented digital media, Healthcare Tracing.

Healthcare Technology Management

Power Patient Management is Analysis Laboratories.

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